Praia dos Carneiros is considered one of the most beautiful and well preserved beaches in Brazil by respected journals, as Veja, IstoE, Guia Quatro Rodas, TAM and GOL Magazines, Viaje and Boa Viagem.

"Praia dos Carneiros is really paradise. It is naturally surrounded by reefs, which gives it the characteristic of a huge pool. There are no waves, time seems to stroll and stress stays very very far away from there. For those who want to escape agitation and appreciate moments such as watching the moon rise behind the ocean, there is no better place." (O Globo)

"About 100 km from Recife, with the bluest water you've ever seen along an infinite line of palm and coconut trees, there lies Carneiros... the most crystal clear water on the Pernambuco coastline... charming lodges and few bars/restaurants managed by the owners of the beach, that is private... without fear of falling in to the cliché, it's paradise: marmosets jump from fruit tree to fruit tree, golden parakeets fly and coconut trees cover the houses... a boat ride is surely a program to remember..." (Jornal do Comercio)

"The new sweetheart along Pernambuco's coastline: Carneiros, with its natural pools and blue-turquoise water, attracts a legion of orphans from Porto de Galinhas that today represents a pale memory of a beach that was discovered by tourism in the 80's. Carneiros is born under a different touristic perspective. It's an Environmental Protected Area that is part of the Costa dos Corais (Reef Coast), a 137 km reef line that goes from Carneiros to Maceio" (Viaje)

From the fourteen estuary zones along Pernambuco's 187 km coastline only three are preserved, and among these, Praia dos Carneiros stands out. This is the result of an ecological defense policy practiced by its owners that, besides preserving it, for a long time in its agricultural function, have always been attentive to the ecosystem's complexity, by not practicing abusive deforestation, predatory wood chopping from the mangroves, pesticides and predatory fishing.

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Restaurante e Receptivo Prainha dos Carneiros
Nosso vizinho e parceiro, o Restaurante e Receptivo Prainha dos Carneiros, oferece passeios de catamarã, aluguel de lancha e restaurante com deliciosos frutos do mar.

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